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The Wondertec Wall System

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Non-invasive installation - Minimum excavation, no continuous footings or grade beams, minimizes restoration Ease of installation, offers substantial cost savings
Exceeds ASE, BOCA, ICBO & ICC standards Structurally sound - approved by Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office
Monolithic structural design Safety
Multiple applications: residential, commercial, industrial, government, transportation and security Huge market
Habitable Housing Quick, low-cost solution residential and institutional housing. Saves 1/3 to 1/2 traditional methods.
Non-Habitable Structures Ease of construction with low-cost. 33-50% cheaper than current techniques.
More than 40dB of noise attenuation Improved quality of life
Architecturally flexible - variety of heights (4-15 feet), designs, colors, caps, trims, columns, impressions, lighting and security Provides larger market, enhances aesthetics and value
Privacy, security and safety Adds prestige, protects life and enhances value
One-sided or two-sided hollow-core construction Flexibility to meet price points
Two-sided hollow-core wall provides cavity for wires, pipes and security equipment Provides safety and architectural flexibility
Durable, moisture resistant and free of stepped-type cracks Attractive, low maintenance, long life
Requires only a fence permit in most jurisdictions Easier licensing and inspections, saves time and money
All construction done on-site Eliminates expensive prefabrication, warehousing and transportation
Limited heavy equipment required Low capital investment required to build, and minimizes disruption of existing infrastructure
Ability to follow existing terrain (no step-downs) Aesthetically pleasing
Green certified materials Environmentally friendly
Limited warranty Reliable

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The Wondertec Mix

Wondertec 1000™ and Wondertec 2000™ are proprietary cementitious plaster mixes used in the fabrication of Wondertec wall systems. [specifications]


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