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The Wondertec wall system is a strong, environmentally friendly, cost effective, process for constructing habitable and non-habitable structures, as well as security, privacy and noise abatement fence/walls. The patented method and product applies tomorrow's technology to today's needs and applications.

Our design engineer describes Wondertec International's product as a unique system which provides a stronger, safer and more flexible wall/fence that can be installed faster and at a significant cost saving over existing processes.

We invite you to join us as we apply the future of wall/fence construction to the residential, commercial, industrial, government, transportation, and security markets.

The Proprietary Wondertec 1000™ and Wondertec 2000™ Fiber-Reinforced Cement Plaster Mixes

Two formulations of the proprietary Wondertec mix are available. Wondertec 1000™ is formulized for use in high-humidity environments. Wondertec 2000™ is formulized for use in all other environments. The structural and working characteristics of the two formulations are equal.

See Specifications for more on the formulation of Wondertec mixes.

The Wall System

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The Wondertec wall system is surprisingly simple but delivers amazing results. The patented method and product and the proprietary Wondertec 1000™ and Wondertec 2000™ formulized cementitious mix produce walls that are extremely strong.

    Components of the Wondertec wall system include:
  • Pressure treated posts. Cross-section dependent on wall height.
  • Posts set in concrete footings. Depth of footing dependent on wall height and soil conditions.
  • Other pressure treated dimension lumber to frame wall structure
  • High-strength galvanized wire
  • Galvanized metal lath
  • Roofing felt and assorted galvanized fasteners
  • Wondertec 1000™ or Wondertec 2000™ formulation mixed with sand and water
    Installation Sequence
  • Utilizing a power auger or shovel, post holes are dug
  • Concrete is mixed to specification and placed in post holes
  • Posts are set in concrete and braced for correct alignment
  • Dimension lumber is placed to form cap plate
  • Posts and cap plate are wrapped with building felt and metal lath
  • High-strength galvanized wire is strung between posts in specified pattern
  • Sheets of galvanized metal lath are attached to posts, cap plate and wire
  • Wondertec formulation is mixed to specification with sand and water
  • Wondertec plaster mix is applied to lath manually or with spray equipment

The entire process of building the Wondertec wall system is carried out on-site, eliminating the need for costly prefabrication, warehousing and transportation.

The Wondertec wall system produces a wall that looks like a stucco-covered concrete block wall. However, this wall will never exhibit stepped cracks.

Preserving the Infrastructure

It is apparent from the list of components and the installation sequence that no heavy equipment is needed to provide excavation for continuous footings or pilings and grade beams. Heavy equipment is not needed to deliver large quantities of concrete block and reinforcing rod. Cranes are not needed to place precast concrete components.

These characteristics of the Wondertec wall system make it an ideal choice for applications where the wall is to be installed in settings that include mature trees and landscaping, underground utilities, uneven or sloping terrain, or poor soil conditions. Regularly spaced post holes are much less invasive that continuous footings or grade beams.

Minimizing the disturbance to the infrastructure minimizes the time and cost associated with site restoration once wall construction is completed.

A Note on Permits

Since the Wondertec wall system has many of the characteristics of a fence, many jurisdictions allow the wall system to be built with only a fence permit, saving both valuable time and the additional expense of costly government permits and inspections.

Fast Installation

Drilling holes and setting posts in concrete can progress very rapidly. Placing the cap plate and wrapping the posts and cap plate with building felt and galvanized metal lath can proceed once the footing concrete has achieved initial strength. Once the prestressing wires and sheets of galvanized metal lath are installed, the job is ready to apply the Wondertec plaster mix.

Installation Labor

Large concrete block wall installations require armies of skilled masons. The Wondertec wall system may be installed with a much smaller staff of skilled tradesmen, with the majority of the work performed by unskilled labor, again reducing costs.

How Strong Is It?

The Wondertec wall system is extremely strong. It is designed to resist lateral wind loads calculated in accordance with the ASCE 7-98 National Standard and therefore complies with the requirements of building codes which have adopted ASCE 7-98. Tested to this standard, our system easily complied with the requirement for an equivalent wind velocity of 134 MPH for wall up to 15 feet high. Failure velocity pressure was not reached until an amazing 234 MPH! Even though the wall is cementitious it exhibited outstanding flexibility under these velocity pressures.

The wall system has also been approved by the Miam-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office, which is generally regarded as having the most stringent building rules and regulations in the United States.

The wall system has been successfully tested for resistance to penetration by flying objects, and has completed EMMAQUA (freeze-thaw) testing. Please see the test results section for more details.

Architecturally Flexible Design

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The Wondertec wall system provides great flexibility in the architectural design and styling of the finished product. It can be constructed as a one-sided wall, smooth on one side and with the plaster-covered posts visible on the other side. It can also be constructed as a two-sided hollow-core wall, smooth on both sides. The hollow-core provides space for enclosing water lines to support surrounding landscaping, and space for wiring for area lighting and for security devices or other purposes.

The design allows walls to follow the contour of the terrain without employing stepdowns.

Since the Wondertec 1000™ mix is applied like plaster or stucco, a wide variety of techniques may be used to add styling details such as caps, trims, columns, and impressions to the finished product. The finish coat may be polished or textured and a variety of colorants may be applied to the completed wall.

Certified Green! What Does It Mean?

The Wondertec 1000™ and Wondertec 2000™ formulized mixes are Certified Green because they contain up to 65% recycled material. That recycled material is fly ash, a coal combustion byproduct that was once disposed of in landfills. Combining this fly ash with portland cement used in the mix reduces the amount of cement needed. Producing a ton of cement consumes about 6.5 million BTUs of energy and releases about a ton of carbon dioxide. Replacing that ton of cement with fly ash would save enough electricity to power the average home for 24 days and reduce carbon dioxide emissions equal to two months of automobile use. Keeping a ton of fly ash out of landfills saves the same amount of landfill space used by the average person over 455 days.

The wall system also utilizes wooden posts and framing. Wood is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.


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