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Wondertec 1000™ and 2000™ Fiber-Reinforced Cement Plaster Mixes

Contractors are increasingly faced with the challenge of constructing environmentally friendly projects which comply with ever more exacting environmental standards while still keeping costs in line. The patented Wondertec method and product, utilizing Wondertec's proprietary fiber-reinforced cement plaster mix, provides the industry with a product that can do that and more.

Two formulations of the proprietary Wondertec mix are available. Wondertec 1000™ is formulized for use in high-humidity environments. Wondertec 2000™ is formulized for use in all other environments. The structural and working characteristics of the two formulations are equal.

The Wondertec 1000™ and 2000™ mixes are Certified Green products.

As much as 65% of the cementitious material used in the formulation of the proprietary Wondertec mixes are comprised of fly ash. Fly ash is a byproduct of burning coal for generating electricity. When used in cementitious products, fly ash provides both mechanical and chemical benefits to the finished product.

Mechanically, fly ash particles are much smaller than cement particles. This allows them to fill gaps in the concrete mix, creating a finished product that is denser and less permeable. Fly ash particles are also spherical. This creates a bearing action that allows the use of less water in the concrete mix. With less water to bleed from the finished product, micro-cracking is reduced. Reduced permeability makes the finished product more water resistant.

Chemically, fly ash reacts with lime that is released during cement hydration, creating more of the durable binder that holds concrete mixes together. This results in higher ultimate strength, decreased permeability, enhanced resistance to sulfate and other chemical attacks, reduced efflorescence, and overall increased durability.

Valuable landfill space is consumed to dispose of fly ash when it is not used in building products. Redirecting fly ash into the Wondertec mix produces significant environmental benefits. Inclusion of this fine powder in the formulation of a concrete product reduces the amount of cement required. By displacing the production of cement, significant amounts of energy are saved and carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions are prevented. Displacing a ton of cement production with fly ash produces these results:

  • Energy saved - Enough to provide electricity for an average person for 24 days
  • CO2 emissions reduced - Equal to two months of emissions from an average automobile
  • Landfill space conserved - Enough for 455 days of solid waste produced by an average person


Basic Use:
Wondertec 1000/2000 are designed to use as a fence coating for the construction of the Wondertec Pre-Stressed Concrete Fences.

Composition and Materials:
A proprietary blend of hydraulic cements, plasticizers, fibers, and additives. Based on availability of raw materials and other factors, the blend consists of the maximum content of recycle material possible while meeting the demanding specifications of the Wondertec engineering team.

Bag Weight:
80 pound bags (36.36 kg)


Applicable standards:
ASTM has not developed a standard for pre-stressed fence coating products. Until ASTM develops such a standard, Wondertec will continue to manufacture Wondertec 1000/2000 based on its own internal standards. To provide a point of comparison, the ASTM Standard for Plastic (Stucco) Cement (ASTM C1328) is listed.

Typical Data
The following typical data is listed. The products are manufactured in a number of locations with locally available raw materials so variations occur.

A. Fineness:
This is determined by screening the unmixed Wondertec 1000/2000 through a No. 325 mesh sieve.
ASTM C-132824% Max
Wondertec 100013%
Wondertec 200021%

B. Autoclave Expansion and Contraction:
This test is used to predict the long-term hydration of unhydrated particles. If the hydration results in an expansion, internal stresses can develop that can lead to long term failure. Most ASTM specifications limit the expansion to between 0.8% to 1.0%. Wondertec products are formulated so long-term hydration does not lead to expansion.
ASTM C-13281.0% Max
Wondertec 1000-0.35%
Wondertec 2000-0.01%

C. Time of Setting:
Initial time of set must be long enough to allow adequate time to apply and trowel the Wondertec. The final time of set must be rapid enough not to interfere with production.
 Initial Set, MinimumFinal Set, Maximum
ASTM C1328not less than 90 minutesnot more than 24 hours
Wondertec 1000105 minutes270 minutes
Wondertec 2000105 minutes360 minutes

D. Compressive Strength:
The only compressive loads placed on Wondertec 1000/2000 are related to the loads that are developed by the pre-stressed wire in the fence. Compressive strength is normally a good indicator of hardness and scratch resistance of a concrete type product.
ASTM C13281,3002,100N/A
Wondertec 10001,5802,5902,900
Wondertec 20001,3202,2502,500

E. Air Content:
Air content affects freeze/thaw resistance, workability, yield, strength and porosity of the product. An air content of 6% is adequate to give good freeze/thaw performance. A high air content increases the workability and the yield; however, it lowers the compressive strength and increases the porosity of the product.
ASTM C13288%20%
Wondertec 100012%20%
Wondertec 20009%16%

F. Water Retention:

    Mortars and Stuccos are affected by water retention in three ways:
  • The greater the water retention, the longer the mix will remain workable. With a longer working time, the mix does not have to be retempered. Working time becomes critical when pumping a stucco and the pump has to be shut down with material in the hose. The higher the water retention, the longer the material will remain pumpable. This, in turn, increases efficiency and lowers the labor cost. Wondertec 1000/2000 are formulated to remain workable.
  • Compressive strength and bond strength are reduced with each retempering of a mix. In effect, the water/cement ratio is increased. Wondertec 1000/2000 seldom need to be retempered so they retain their design strength.
  • When used in a high drying environment a mix can be dehydrated before it sets chemically. This is especially true if a mix has low water retention. This can cause the product to powder and fail to develop strength.
Wondertec 1000/2000 are designed with sufficient water retention for use in high drying environments. Wondertec 2000 is designed to function well under very adverse conditions.
ASTM C132870%
Wondertec 100079%
Wondertec 200084%

G. Water Resistance:
Wondertec 1000/2000 are formulated to resist the penetration of liquid water. This reduces the potential of efflorescence.


A. Mixing Instructions:

    WONDERTEC 1000/2000 require the addition of:
  • Three (3) to four (4) 5-gallon buckets of loose damp sand conforming to ASTM C144 or ASTM C897, and
  • Four (4) to six (6) gallons of potable water. (The amount of water will vary with the sand that is used and the moisture content of the sand. Wondertec 1000 uses slightly more water than Wondertec 2000.)
    With the mixer running add:
  • to 7/8 of the required water
  • of the sand
  • Wondertec 1000/2000
  • Remaining sand
  • Water to achieve desired consistency

Mixing 3 to 5 minutes will produced the creamiest WonderPaste without entraining excess air.

Mix only the amount of material that can be used in one (1) hour.

B. Application:
See Wondertec User's Manual. Do not add air-entraining agents, mortar fat, antifreeze, accelerators, or waterproofing agents, as they may interfere with the chemical integrity of this product. Do not use at temperatures below 35 degrees F, or when freezing temperatures are anticipated within 24 hours.

C. Curing:
See Wondertec User's Manual.

D. Storage:
Shelf life of all cement products is assumed to be about 6 months. Store in a dry area off the ground.

E. General Guidance:
Work cleanly and neatly. Fewer problems are observed on a clean work site.

See MSDA for specifics.

Si usted no entiende la etiqueta, busque una persona para que se la explique a usted en detalle. (If you do not understand this label, find someone to explain it to you in detail.)

This product contains portland cement. Respirators are required. Use eye protection, gloves, and boots to avoid contact with skin and eyes. Harmful if swallowed.

Products containing portland cement may contain small amounts of crystalline silica, a known carcinogen. Crystalline silica causes silicosis, a disabling and potentially fatal lung disease. Cement and lime dust can cause irritation and burns to eyes and skin upon contact. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with water. In case of contact with eyes, flush with clean water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.


This product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

The State of California (Proposition 65) requires the above warning in the absence of definitive testing to prove that the defined risks do not exist. We believe this product complies with all other applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing manufacturing, distribution and intended use.



Contact Wondertec International for details of the limited warranty.

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