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System Performance Tests

Wind VelocityLarge Missle ImpactEMMAQUA Soak/Freeze/ThawCompressive StrengthSound Absorption

Wind Velocity

While the posts and foundations are designed by methods based on rational analysis recognized by building codes and national standards, the component of the system spanning between the posts has been tested against lateral wind loads in accordance with ASTM E-72, "Requirements for Testing Wall Panels in Vertical Position", which is similar to Miami-Dade County Protocol PA 202-94 using uniform static air pressure. The air infiltration portion of PA 202-94, however is not applicable to this wall system.

Test Criteria:

  • Allowable Deflection = 1/180 = 0.5"
  • Test Pressure = 1.5 x Design Pressure
  • Three (3) single sided 8' high specimen with two (2) equal spans of 7'-6" each were tested with lateral pressure applied from front and three (3) specimen were tested with lateral pressure applied from the rear (test panels were installed in reverse order). The initial design pressure was 20.8 PSF with a test pressure of 31.2 PSF which passed. The load was then increased to 41.4 PSF which also passed the test. The test panels were then subjected to additional pressure until failure occurred at an average pressure of 85 PSF. For additional information refer to the test report by Fenestration Laboratory, Inc. of Hialeah, Florida, copy of which is available from Wondertec International upon request

Test Results:

  • Test Pressure = 41.4 PSF
  • Maximum Design Pressure = 41.4/1.5 = 27.6 PSF

Design Criteria:
(for wall up to 6' height - under FBC 2001)

Applicable Code: Florida Building Code 2001 (including HVHZ)
Wind Load Standard: FBC 2001, Section 1606; ASCE 7-98, Chapter 6; Building Category 1
Wind Velocity: FBC 2001, Section 1611.2.1; 90 MPH (3 sec. gust); 75 MPH (Fastest Mile)
Exposure: C
Importance Factor: 0.87
Design Pressure: 14.2 PSF (posts & footing are designed for this pressure)
Design Pressure per Test Data: 27.6 PSF > 14.2 PSF O.K.
Deflection: FBC 2001, Table 1610.1 and Section 1612.1 (5)
Post Foundation Design: FBC 2001, Section 1819.7, 1819.6.1 and Table 1819.6

Test Results Chart:

Equivalent Basic Wind Speeds (FBC 1606.1 & IBC 1609.3.1)
ASCE 7-98 3 Sec. Gust (FBC 2001, IBC 2000)ASCE 7-93 Fastest Mile (10 Min Avg.) / BOCA
8511.6 7015.9 
9014.24' to 8' Wall Design Pressure7518.3 
10015.5 8020.8Design Pressure All Walls
10517 8523.5 
11018.7 9026.3 
12022.3 9227.6Max. Design Pressure
12524.2 10032.5 
13026.1 10535.8 
13427.6Max. Design Pressure11039.3 
14030.3 12045.6 
14532.5 12550.7 
15034.8 13054.9 
23485.0Failure Velocity Pressure16285.0Failure Velocity Pressure

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Large Missile Impact
Fenestration Testing Laboratories Report - November 11, 2002

Missle TypeMissile SpeedPenetrationPhysical Damage
wooden 2x450ft/sec.NoNone

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Test Results
DSET Laboratories - December 10, 2002

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Compressive Strength

The only compressive loads placed on Wondertec 1000/2000 are related to the loads that are developed by the pre-stressed wire in the fence. Compressive strength is normally a good indicator of hardness and scratch resistance of a concrete type product.

ASTM C13281,3002,100N/A
Wondertec 10001,5802,5902,900
Wondertec 20001,3202,2502,500

CSR Rinker Materials Corporation - Compressive Strength Test Results

All State Engineering and Testing Consultants - Compressive Strength Test Results

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Sound Absorption

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Dunn & Associates - Sound Transmission Class Rating

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